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You seem to have what it takes. Damn you look good. You look inhumanly good. You look ready for the big guns. You should be on a poster. You won’t even need a gun with that killer look. You could travel the Universe with that face. That face would go well with a black suit.
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A timeless pair of sunglasses with an easy-to-wear shape.
The classic eagle logo and the winged P on the tips take you back to the 90’s but keep you ready for the future.
A perfect fit for you, an awful fate for the aliens.
  • Smoke lenses
  • Shiny black acetate
  • Customized sunglasses case
Inspired by Police Origins sunglasses and the agents that wear them. The Police dog tag has the authentic 90’s eagle logo, dark grey silicon and ip gun steel chain and details.
The easy-to-wear shape makes it the perfect companion, wherever the Universe takes you.
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